The best black box in town

The Swan is a black box theatre in Santa Fe that can seat up to 110 audience members. The seating is flexible, the lights awesome, the sound so so. What to say here???????

See below for seating configurations and the calendar of availability.

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Flexible tiered seating
Capacity of 110 seats
Cafe space


Peak [these are fake $$$]
$400/night Sun – Thu
$550/night Fri – Sat

$250/night Sun – Thu
$325/night Fri – Sat

Examples of seating arrangement possibilities

Shakespearean thrust

The audience is on three sides of the stage, in typical Elizabethan thrust style.

In the round

The audience is around the entire stage with aisles for actor entrances from several corners.

Tennis court

The audience is in two banks across from each other.


This is the traditional staging with the audience facing the stage.

Calendar of availability